Hakuna Matata in Zanzibar!

Hi viewseekers!

As you all may have seen, I have been to the island Zanzibar, 3 months ago.

We stayed for 8 nights in the most beautiful hotel of Zanzibar, named Melia Zanzibar. I fell immediately in love the design and the tropical atmosphere of the hotel. The more palmtrees there are, the happier I am. We booked a wonderful room with sea view, the pavilion. It’s like a luxury lodge with an outside (private) bath and shower. What I loved the most about this room, was the hammock chair on the terrace.
During our last night, we got the chance to discover the villa’s from Melia Zanzibar. We got the one-bedroom villa with private pool including a private butler. When moving rooms, we got a telephone to contact our butler. Wherever we wanted to go, we called him. He drove us around from our vila to the restaurant and vice versa. Really cool to experience!

In general, the food was excellent! What I really liked, was the huge variety of food. You always have the choice between different fishes, meat and salades. I have never eaten that delicious than at this hotel. All the fruits they serve, are grown in their greenhouse. All the fishes they serve, come from the fishermen, the hotel buys it from them. What I really admire, in that way, the people from the village earn something too.

For breakfast, we always had 3 options: Spice, Jetty or Gabi Beach. In the main restaurant you have always the buffet and at Jetty, you have à la carte. And for the ones who like to wake up late, there’s a small, late morning breakfast at Gabi beach. The Jetty restaurant was definitely my favorite. It’s a huge lodge in the sea with a breath-taking view. It’s the perfect setting to start your day in paradise.
We mostly had lunch at Gabi Beach because we had a beach cabana at our favorite spot so we could stay there all day. Next to that you can also have lunch at the pool or the Jetty.
In the evening, we always had the choice between the main restaurant, Jetty and Aqua. The Aqua is also an à la carte restaurant. Very cosy between the trees covered with lights. 

What I loved about the main restaurant were the ‘food themes’ they worked with. Every night there was a ‘theme’ of food ex. Meditarrian, African, Italian… On Thursday, they introduced us to the typical Masaï tribes from Tanzania. They showed us a ‘dance’ to scare lions and other wild animals. Really cool, they really live in the bushes with their families. They have cows as their wealth. One of the Masaï wanted to buy me and asked my mom how many cows she wanted for me. Another great night we had, was organized at the beach. From 8am, the staff started preparing everything for the ‘beach night’. The result was really wonderful and delicious off course.

The hotel has one big infinity pool where you can relax and enjoy all day. There’s a bar and snackbar nearby. During the day the waiters are there to serve your drinks and little snacks. There were even pool guys to play games with. I learned one of them the card game UNO. By the way, even charging your phone is possible. 

We also loved to go to Gabi beach as I have already mentioned. When going to the beach, we needed to take the Dala Dala ride, a typical (private) bus from Zanzibar. It was super fun to go to the beach like this. At the beach, we reserved our cabana where we enjoyed the sun and sparkling wines. The beach is beautifully white with a sparkling blue ocean. There are lots of sandbanks. In the ocean, I have seen pretty starfishes, 1000th of crabs and special fishes. Every afternoon, the fishermen came out of the ocean with their ‘catch of the day’. They catch lots of different fishes and squids to earn their money. Their equipment is very basic, they only need diving glasses and an arrow to catch. Once on the beach, local women were waiting to buy the fishes. I am so impressed how they catch so many fishes and live so basic. By the way, Fisherman is a very typical and common profession in Zanzibar. 

When you walk along the beach, you cross different hotels and at the end, you find a small village where the fishermen and their families live. It’s really eye-opening when you see how they live. Their houses are made of wood and palm leaves. Big families live together in small houses. 

I am still impressed by staff of Melia. One by one, they were so kind. Always laughing and ready to help. I have never been to a hotel where the staff was so sweet, helpful and thankful. My mom and I were really spoiled from arrival to departure. We are even already planning to go back this summer. I really miss the holiday vibes from Melia Zanzibar!

Through this way I would love to take the chance to thank all the people who made our holiday wonderful! Thank you! You’re all amazing! Hope to see you soon on our next holiday! Special thanks to manager Christian, Paul and George for the great stay!! 

PS. For the ones who missed my Instagram stories during my holiday in Zanzibar, you’ll find them back in ‘Highligts’ on my homepage @farrelle_evers.



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