High five for DENTALIFE

Hi there!

One for all the dog owners out here!

Have you already met my partner in crime,  my always loving and happy soulmate, Tosh? Well, if not, it’s time to meet.


Name:               Tosh
Sexe:                  Male
Date of birth:   22/01/2009
Breed: French  Bulldog
Colour:               White with some black spots
Have you noticed that he got addicted since a few weeks? Since the launch of Purina’s new dog snack in Belgium, Tosh got the opportunity to try out something new… DENTALIFE sticks and guess what…he adores it. I get high fives all the way while asking for these sticks. Every evening when I go to bed, he waits in the kitchen until I give him a Dentalife stick.

2017-10-25 18.44.21-2

What’s Dentalife?
It’s a healthy dog treat for every day use. These sticks are designed to clean the hard-to-reach teeth and reduce tartar build-up. Next to that it helps freshen your dog’s breath. There are no artificial flavours or colours added and it’s sugarfree.


I guess the best sticks on the market for dogs right now. It’s the perfect combination of a delicious treat and cleasing teeth! And… according Tosh, it’s suuuper tasty! I highly recommend Dentalife for dogs. It’s always good to prevent dental problems before it’s too late.


Dentalife is available in 3 dog sizes:

  • Small & Mini (7-12 kg)
  • Medium (12-25 kg)
  • Large (25-40 kg)

You can buy these magical dental sticks in supermarkts and specialist stores like Tom&Co, Maxizoo… for only 1.49 euro.

If my dog’s happy, I’m too! 🙂 

See you soon!
Farrelle & Tosh

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