Terrazza Martini @ Belgian GP

Hi racingfans, car addicts and F1 lovers

Last weekend, as you all may noticed, the Formule 1 was in Spa-Francorchamps. On Saturday I became the happiest girl in the world because I got invited by Martini to enjoy the best drinks and appetizers at Terrazza Martini while enjoying the great engines of F1 cars.


Unfortunuatley, we didn’t make it to breakfast and warming-up time of F1 due huge traffic jam around Malmedy. We arrived around lunch and got extremely warm welcomed by Martini hostesses. We went straight to lunch and Martini drinks (off course… 😉 ). The atmosphere at Terrazza Martini fixed right away the 2 hours of being stuck in traffic.

On a full stomach we went to our reserved seats in the Gold 1 tribune, the best seats, in front of the F1 pitboxes. We saw the cars coming in and out their boxes. Guess I couldn’t dream of better seats! Martini definitely knows how to treat their guests well.

During qualifying all the F1 teams had their own strategy to get pole position. They got 1 hour to set their best time for the race on Sunday. L. Hamilton got pole, followed by S. Vettel and V. Bottas.


After 1 hour of F1 engines, Formule 2 was ready for their main race. Nyck De Vries, who I have met during my ‘karting career’ started from the 6th place and he finished 5th.

After that I was so ready to enjoy Martini drinks, appetizers and sunny beats of Maya Cox. Terrazza Martini was the perfect ending of this day. But this wasn’t yet the end… In the evening, Felipe Massa joined the party and I got the opportunity to have a small talk with him. He’s driver for Williams Martini Racing. Hooooow cool is that??!! It was thé finishing touch to this awesome day!

Big thanks to Martini, Williams Martini Racing and all the people who made my day memorable… I am so blessed! #JofOfLiving #JofOfRacing #TerrazzaMartini #MartiniRacing

Thank you all!

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