Only ladies behind the wheel!

Hi racingfans and car addicts

Two weeks ago, I went back to the racing track in Zolder. I got invited by Petrolhead Days, a great organisation that gives supercar owners the chance to drive safer, better and more defensive on the daily roads. But, what was so special about this event on the 10th of August? It was LADIES ONLY! Women who own supercars got the opportunity to drive with their fast car on the track.


Once we arrived in Zolder, we got a warm welcome by the organisation of Petrolhead Days and a delicious breakfast buffet, served by Aterlier Vwas waiting for us.

After breakfast, we got our first briefing about the do’s and don’ts while driving on the track. Off course… this was a small recap. In my younger years I used to drive karts.

And off we go… Finally, it was time to fasten our seatbelts. My first car was a Jaguar F-type. What a great car! Lovely sound, stunning interior and lots of horsepower. With an instructor in front of the group (3 supercars, including me), showing us the ideal line and giving us all the instructions needed through the walky-talky. Fun – we had!

Between the driving session, we got some time to fuel up, enjoy the sports and follow several beauty workshops. Lieve Bullens gave an inner beauty workshop about our inner-self. The outer beauty workshop was given by make-up expert Renilda Luts. Ever dreamed of getting beauty tips & tricks from experts? Check their websites!

Full focus I was driving the next session in the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG.

FullSizeRender (3)

During the other three driving sessions, I became the co-pilot in the following cars:

Last but not least, I got very lucky… I joined the Jaguar F-Type for some kicking laps together with Marc Goossens. He’s a well-known Belgian racing driver. Maybe… You may be as lucky as me because Petrolheaddays is giving away some fast laps with Marc Goossens. You should definitely join the giveaway on their Facebook.


Many thanks to Petrolheaddays for giving me this memorable day at the track! Looking forward to the next event on Sunday, the 10th of september!

Petrolheads you rock! 

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