Heusden-Zolder is more than a racing track!

Hi viewseekers!

Last weekend of July, my friend, Charlotte Ceyssens was invited by tourism Heusden-Zolder to discover the city where she was born and I got the chance to join her! How lucky am I? I am in love with Heusden-Zolder because of the racing track, off course…

On Saturday, the first day, I joined the group later so we immediately started with a bike tour. (The black bikes are so cool!) We stopped in front of the “Mijnterril” and I was so not ready to climb that hill… but hey, off course I did it! The view on top was breath-taking. I could stay there for hours…

After the intensive climb, we went for some fuel at La Baracca. What a funny café! I love the owner Patrick, he makes it worth to have a drink there.

In the evening, we could enjoy diner at Den Lavaar. It was so much fun to bake all together our own food! By the way, you should try the Pink Lemonade there, it’s so delicious! I really enjoyed this evening. It was the perfecting ending of a beautiful day with wonderful people.

When turning back to the hotel, we could discover more about Hotel Soete Wey. This hotel is a bit older, but nice to stay. Lots of famous cyclists and BMXers have slept there. How cool is that? The hotel is perfect located for athletes who need to be at the racing track and visitors of Circuit Zolder.

On Sunday, the most exciting day for us, we went to the racing track! In the morning, we got the opportunity to enjoy some rounds in the pace car, the famous yellow Ford Mustang of Skylimits Events. Thank you, Andy Jaenen for this experience! You made my day!

For lunch, we went to RAUW! I was really looking forward to this barbecuerestaurant because Charlotte told me a lot of good things about it. And wauw… it was so delicious! I loved the nachos, they were so damn good! Also the fish dishes were so delicious! I can’t wait to go there again! Maybe I should set a next date because they’re always fully booked!

In the afternoon, I was still enjoying the food from RAUW BBQ, but there was even more to enjoy. We got the opportunity to be a co-driver during the Skylimits Events at Circuit Zolder. How cool was that? Because I have driven for many years in karts, I was so excited to be back in the car and feel the adrenaline… and I loved it! PS. Good to know… The drivers were 2 ladies, Hanne Terium & Ines Lammens.

What I didn’t know about the track is, that there’s a Chapel on the hill. It’s such a lovely and peaceful place in the middle of the racing track. I was very surprised to discover this…

Before having our last goodbye drinks and food at Brasserie The Wheels, we got a small tour in the museum of Circuit Zolder. I knew there was a small museum but I never went inside. I am always too busy and excited to see the cars driving. When you are at track, you should definitely visit this museum, you will be surprised! It’s not an ordinary museum as we think it is.

To end this amazing weekend, we had our last goodbye  drinks and food at Brasserie The Wheels. I am so many times at the track but I have never been to The Weels. I am so glad that I discovered this place. Very good food and friendly staff! This was the perfect ending of a great weekend!

After this weekend I was quite surprised. I didn’t know that Heusden-Zolder has so much more to offer than the racing track. The only reason why I am so many times in Heusden-Zolder, is for the racing track. I have so many more reason to visit this city again without going to the racing track! Thank you for the great discover!

I would like to thank all the people who helped organising this wonderful weekend! I really loved it and if I could do it all over again, I will definitely do that! You all made our weekend fantastic! And thank you Charlotte, for taking me as your buddy to this trip!

Make sure you take a look at @visitlimburg and @toerismeheusdenzolder for all the information about Heusden-Zolder!

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