10 reasons why you should visit to Finland!

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I have been to Finland for the past 5 months. In my opinion, these are the 10 most important reasons why you should visit Finland once in your life. I really liked Finland and I hope I can ever go back there to visit my Finnish friends. Probably, this is one of my last blogs about Finland. I hope you liked it…

1. See the northern lights
You want to see magic? Go to Finland and discover the Northern lights yourself. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have seen in Finland during my studies. It feels like real magic. I have got goosebumps while watching. If you want to be sure to see it, go to Lapland. There you have the most chance and most clear view.


2. Have a Finnish sauna experience
I think most crazy thing I did during my studies in Finland was the sauna experience in Bugøynes, Norway. We had the chance to experience saunas in a real Finnish way. First, you try to stay as long as you can in the sauna. When it gets too hot for you, you jump into the snow. Or what I did, you swim in the Arctic Ocean, the water was – 1°C that time. It’s a crazy feeling but it’s amazing. It’s really difficult to describe that feeling you get.

3. Meet reindeers
During my trip in Lapland, I have seen many reindeers. You can see them everywhere in Lapland on the streets and in the wild. In my opinion, reindeers are quite wild and rude. Every time when I wanted to touch a reindeer, they wanted to attack with their antler. Anyway, you should see them once in your life. They are really beautiful!


4. Do a husky safari
I love huskies, I love husky safaris! Finally, one item of my bucket list came true in Finland. If you ever go to Finland, you must do a husky safari. It’s amazing how you can drive/ control the husky sledge. Also, sitting in the sledge is wonderful. During the ride, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and forests of Finland. It’s so relaxing!


5. Visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Lapland
If you are in Finland, you must see the real Santa Claus! It’s so cool to visit the real village and city of Santa Claus. This village has every month the same Christmas feeling and that’s what I really like. You can also buy many souvenirs at Santa Claus village. It’s just so cool to meet the real Santa and discover where he lives. That’s every child’s dream, right?!

Santa Claus

6. Enjoy the nature
Finland is known for its stunning and breath-taking forests and lakes. There are more than 187888 lakes in Finland. I experienced Finland during summer, autumn and winter. In my opinion Finland is the most beautiful during their colourful autumn and white winters. If you are a real nature fanatic, you must visit Finland and relax in it’s wonderful forests. It’s a country where you can take stunning pictures of the wonderful nature.

IMG_97142015-10-06 08.08.43

7. Party in overall
If you like to party and want to experience a new way of going out? Go to Finland immediately! Discover a new way of clubbing in the whole Scandinavian area. Finland’s tradition is partying in overall.
While going to clubs, you collect badges. You need to stitch them on your overall. With these badges you create a party status. There are different colours of overalls. Every study field has its own colour (e.g. dark green = International Business). It’s a funny and more comfortable way of going out. Don’t waste time anymore on choosing your outfits for the next party. Go for an overall!


8. Travel to Scandinavia
If you are for a longer period of time in Finland, you should go to the Scandinavian countries. It’s not that expensive to travel from Finland to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. So why not? These countries are very different from the ones of South Europe. I have been to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Stockholm is my favourite one because of the cosy atmosphere, lakes and buildings.


9. Meet Finnish people
I thought I will never say it but I do like the Finnish people. In my experience, they have so much respect for other people and cultures. Their behaviour is very different from ours and that’s what I like. They are always really kind, helpful and patient. I have experienced it many times and I will miss this behaviour in Belgium… Ps. I miss you, Henna!

Henna & me

10. Snow
If you love snow and you want the snow to stay, go definitely to Finland. It’s so cool that the snow stays for a longer time without melting. And the best part, everyone can still drive normally without doing stupid accidents as in Belgium. I am still wondering why they can drive so easily without slipping. Maybe they are just used to it? Anyway, it’s amazing to have snow that stays. In the main streets in Finland they have heating systems so they don’t have to clean the streets, it just melts away. How cool is that?


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