Zara Spa @ Mövenpick Tala Bay

Hi viewseeker

Last month, we went to Aqaba in Jordan and stayed in the Hotel Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay. Its spa, the ‘Zara Spa’ is known as the best spa of Aqaba. And off course we wanted to check this out.


My first impression was ‘WAUW’! The reception at the Spa was impressive, clean and very luxurious with a huge design twist. We were warmly welcomed by Umi, the spa manager. She gave us a tour around the Spa and showed us how to use the facilities. Afterwards we could use them all.

There’s a range of different facilities. One inside swimming pool with massage showers. In the pool are 4 massage seats for your legs and butt. Good to remove your problem zones 😉. Nearby, there’s a tiny kitchen where you could consume fruit, cookies and beverages. It’s all included in the price. My favourite room was the ‘tranquille room’ where you can relax in hanging seats with some slow music on. The room is dark with a huge colour ball in the middle that change colours. Next to that there’s a sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, some relaxing spaces and different treatment rooms.






My mom took a ‘anti-aging’ treatment with mud of the Dead Sea, it’s a typical Jordanian product. The treatment consists of cleaning, pealing, mud mask, massage and afterwards the hydrated day creme. After 45 minutes, you feel reborn. Many thanks to Kadek for this great treatment.

We would like to thank all the staff members for the great experience in the Zara Spa.

If you visit Aqaba or stay in the Mövenpick hotel, the Zara Spa is definitely worth a visit!


Your viewseeker


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